Sunnydale Connect


Sunnydale Connect is an intentional youth community based out of North Waterloo. Our youth come from Waterloo, Collegiate, Bluevale, Sir John A, MacGregor and other high schools in the region. Together we discover what it means to belong and thrive in a safe community while gaining opportunities to develop as leaders and give back to our society.


“Sunnydale Connect is an intentional youth community that fosters personal growth and instills self-worth by creating a caring, inclusive, and safe place for youth in North-West Waterloo. Its purpose is to inspire hope, encourage healthy relationships, and provide opportunities for youth to become engaged, thriving, and contributing members




We believe that our current situation doesn’t define our future success; supported by mentors and peers, we challenge ourselves to venture beyond our comfort zones to discover new possibilities and create new horizons.


We center our community on the belief that others should be treated in a way that demonstrates an appreciation of their value.


We model the value that developing order, self-control, discipline and purposeful direction in one’s life provides a framework for achieving goals and reaching dream


We seek to believe and have confidence in each other and in ourselves, recognizing that trust is the cornerstone of all relationships, partnerships, community and life.


We create a safe space that emphasizes the importance of generosity, empathy, compassion, joy, and selflessness in growing personally and building community.



Breakthrough aims to end the cycle of poverty by supporting youth as they transition from high school to whatever comes next. We provide youth with a safe space to dream, tangible learning experiences, mentors to guide them, and opportunities to give back to their community. This helps youth dream up, plan and actually walk into a brighter future. Breakthrough is designed for all interested youth in the North Waterloo area, preferably grade 10 and up. Funded by the Laidlaw Foundation.


  1. A Transition Plan from high school to whatever is next
  2. Greater understanding of resources available as they move into adulthood. (funding, job training, etc.)
  3. The experience of being mentored
  4. Access to immediate assistance to assist with challenges and obstacles: tutoring, post-secondary school pursuits
  5. Practical teaching in areas such as budgeting, job search, resume design, stress management, interview skills
  6. Guidance in establishing a healthy physical, mental, social lifestyle

Interested in volunteering as a mentor or leader in Connect or Breakthrough? Reach!




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