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“A compassionate rebel lives in all of us. It combines our ability to care with our capacity to act against the odds for the change we believe in.” Burt F. Berlowe

Individuals and relationships form the core of the human experience. While such things as programs, activities, strategies, models and organizations play an important role, at the end the day it is always about individual people and the quality of our relationships. Life Change people find ourselves increasingly involved with the more vulnerable people and communities of our world, especially children and youth. These are often the people who are feel most hungry for change. Our efforts are focused on transformation and enabling people to build lives and relationships of value and purpose.

Team 1


Jeremy Horne

Jeremy Horne

Executive Director
Jeremy Horne, a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, Masters of Social Work program. He has a life time of experience in mentoring, advocating and championing the cause of the ‘little guy’.  He is deeply and actively committed to making a difference in his local and global community, and he is willing to share his experiences with those willing to learn. Jeremy is always dreaming of new things and new ways.
Scilla Owusu-Amoah

Scilla Owusu-Amoah

Project Breakthrough Co-ordinator
Scilla, a student at University of Waterloo, immerses herself into the lives of many of our kids and is modeling and pioneering ways for the local African student association to invest in our families and children. This is a very important transformational initiative.


Jessikah Kumordzie

Jessikah Kumordzie

Sunnydale Connect Co-ordinator
Jessikah provides leadership to the Waterloo based teenage program we call Sunnydale Connect. Recently, she has helped us form a leadership team among the youth and together they are taking bolder change initiatives. Our youth program consistently reminds us that nothing is impossible when our efforts are united. One of them likes to say; “Never underestimate me.”
Torwomenye Kwasi Azaglo

Torwomenye Kwasi Azaglo

Director, Future of Africa

TK, a graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University now lives in Accra, Ghana where he pursues his vision to end child poverty in Africa alongside his wife Nikki. A dream that was birth on the campus of Laurier, Future of Africa now inspires and brings hope to people worldwide!


Never has there been a finer group of people to offer sage advice and provide valued encouragement. We are honoured to have such people partner with us.

Bruce Ballantyne

‎VP Finance & Admin at Canadian Recycled Plastic Products Inc. Stratford

David Marshall

‎CEO - Marshall Zehr - Real Estate Capital, Waterloo ON

Eric Stolte

‎Vice-President Finance - World Federation of Hemophilia

John Douglas

‎Chair – DFS, Co CEO - Enigma Inc.
Bruce exudes compassion, sincerity, thoughtfulness and a sharp mind. Bruce is a loyal friend to everyone; from the fellow walking down the sidewalk in front of his house to the person he will meet tomorrow. Everyone matters to Bruce. 
David utilizes his sharp and inquisitive mind to identify the issues that require attention and devises smart and wise plans of action. A family of 12, along with many responsibilities means that David is always on the move.
Eric possesses an incredible and deep commitment to work for change. For more than 40 years this man has invested himself into the lives of individuals and the movements that change lives.
John is a family man, husband and community advocate. He’s always there to help out, lend a hand or give you the shirt off his back. He is a people person with an amazingly contagious and great attitude

Willard Bauman

‎President, N.S. Bauman LTD. Wallenstein

Steve Errey

‎President, Systematic Inc. – Retired

Steve Tulloch

‎Pastor, Elevation Church Waterloo

Anjola Tunde-Ojo

‎Staff Accountant, Deloitte
Willard is a man of compassion and commitment… never one to pull back from a tough or difficult task. Willard loves to jump in and get involved in the action.  Few things excite him more than encouraging and mentoring young leaders.  
Got a practical problem, want someone with a great attitude to help you figure it out? Call Steve.  A devoted family man, Steve has contributed in the overseas context, knows the cost of change and with a tremendous spirit of generosity, willingly invests himself time and time again.  
Ready to spring to the aid of anyone who is struggling, Steve is a tireless worker on behalf of those who lack a voice. An active participant with Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support, Steve will go to any lengths to advocate for those who struggle.  
A recent graduate from Wilfrid Laurier’s business program, Anjola uses her knowledge in business, with her experience working for an accounting firm to identify and address issues at LCA. Anjola is always looking for ways to invest in people’s lives either as a mentor, or simply as a friend.