Life Change Stories


“If you can’t imagine it, you can’t do it”

O WOW!’ 
Walking along Ludgate Hill Street we had just rounded the corner and two young fellows who accompanied me caught first sight of the magnificent columns and sky scratching dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. “Wow, look at that!”  This structure still takes one’s breath away.

 450 years ago Sir Christopher Wren surveyed the effect of The Great Fire that had devastated much of the city, and laid to ruins this church. Today evidence of Wren’s superior skill can be found throughout London, but none more impressive than St. Paul’s. Einstein said, “If you can’t imagine it you can’t do it.” As Wren stood on this very spot staring at the ruins with his feet sifting through the charred ground his imagination took him to the place where few could go. And now today, centuries later, men and women are still catching their breath at the sight of his masterpiece.

Looking at this crazy world I sometimes catch myself entering a cloud of despair. Despair is a very real option. But then so is hope; a hope fuelled by a picture of a far better world.  Wren wrote that his architecture “aims at eternity”. The counter to the despair, I feel  must be hope… hope for a fairer, more just, more compassionate world.  And the aim of that hope must lay beyond what we currently know as our reality and on towards eternity.  Like Wren, we must stand with one foot firmly shifting through the ruins while permitting our ambitions to soar towards eternity.  (*The year was 1669)

LCA exists to help us imagine and work towards a better world. In subsequent posts we will tell of various ways this is possible.


What is “Life Change”

What is Life Change Adventures?

I can think of few better way of communicating than the following story.

Recently we travelled to Toronto with 40 elementary school kids from our local neighbourhood to participate in an annual 5 K run. This year the Ontario summer has arrived early and the sun that day beat down upon us relentlessly. The day was quite exhausting.  As one of our kids; Samira, a twin from Sudan with thin little legs and a mouth that never stops chabbering, left the stadium, I urged her to pace herself for her speed hardly seemed sustainable.  After all 500+ runners had departed the rest of us sought the cool shade and waited.  Fifteen minutes later the first fellow came tearing back onto the track followed by the second, third, fourth and fifth. And then, out of nowhere, Samira!  Her spindly legs churning, her hair catching the wind, and beads of sweat glistening on her lovely brown forehead. There running beside her, and because of his size towering over her, one of our coaches. Samira never lost stride and in a minute or so she crossed the finish line. Overall FIRST among all girls! (Samira is only in grade 2 and beat girls 4 years older than her!)

Later, on the bus, I asked her, “Samira, how did you do it?” Her reply says it all.  “It was that big guy,” she replied, “The coach, he ran beside me and kept saying, ‘you can do it, and you can do it. Keep going. You can finish. He didn’t let me quit!’

That is the Life Change story… we journey with those who are active in bringing about change in the world. We often do the work of a coach… providing the tools, giving guidance and in many different ways saying; “you can do it, you can do it, no need to quit.”  If you have an idea and you need some help in finding traction of it get in contact with us.