A slice of heaven?

My pal Dave and his good wife Anna bought the farm. No, they actually bought a farm! Really!

And in doing so made it abundantly clear to me that this property with its rolling hills, old barn, fields, sheds and house was to be used in the service of people. “ Bring your students, friends and families!” I clearly remember him telling me.

So I did!

The occasion was the 2014 Canadian Thanksgiving. I invited friends and they came from all over; Chinese MBA students, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Sudanese, South Sudanese,  Kenyans… and together this hotchpotch  of colours and cultures gathered to swap stories, eat food, admire the vivid almost florescent maple leaves, and eat… almost forgot the eat piece!  Many have a concept of heaven… floating on clouds, eternal bliss of some kind, golden streets, gardens and rivers, but for me, as I walked around that old, largely restored farm house I could not help but think of heaven.

“This is what it has be like”, I told someone. “laughter, community, engagements, beauty, peace, some eating, others chattering, some preparing, others kicking a soccer ball… people from each continent together celebrating“… a diverse,  flowing throng of colour, language, heritage, experience, life philosophies.  There we were just people together… how rich, how very rich… we were just people being together. And if that isn’t a slice of heaven, well I really cannot begin to imagine what it might be like!



Running and Reading

A weekly and integrated after-school program at Cedarbrae Public. Children are encouraged to discover the joy of reading and fitness by a strong team of coaches and mentors. Join this team. We are always looing for more people who are willing to invest with our wonderful kids. Next session begins in October 2014


Sunnydale Connect

A dynamic, regular gathering of youth of the community. Incredible leaders guide a rotating cycle of learning, servings, recreation, and fun opportunities. Opportunities to join this energetic team.  (Ongoing)

Round Table

A partnership of agencies, community embers decorator, friend. Our commitment: level the play field for our families and provide hope and appointee for the future. This group has given birth to a number of very exciting initiatives. (Ongoing)


Albert Street Playspace

A wonderful collaborative effort with the facials of Albert Start for combined to create this wonderful playspace. Big shout out to Earths cape and numerous donors. (completed autumn 2014)