About Us


  • People matter
  • Life has great value,
  • Change is possible,
  • A life lived for self becomes a very small life,
  • The best adventure that life has to offer results as we live generously,
  • Change your world… change the world,
  • There is a role for everyone.

As I tell the Life Change story, words like these are ones that I find myself using repeatedly. Sometimes I think I sound like a salesperson, but in truth, I really believe these words. After all, what’s the alternative to investing in change? WHat’s the alternative to helping another person improve their life?

When my life is said and done, will it matter what I have acquired, or even what others say about me? I don’t think so… the only thing that will matter I think will be if I have helped others to live better, love more deeply, seek justice…to be tapped into the ultimate realities of life.

Change is possible! But it rarely comes about easily; rather it requires a deep and longstanding commitment. Change is the results of the concerted effort of a team of people resolved to a compelling vision and a real need. 

– Jeremy Horne 


A changed world! Really! Yes, that is what we do. We are made up of some of the most hopeful, yet practical idealists you will ever encounter. Change is both necessary and possible and we are dedicated to living our belief.

  • We help build the kinds of environments, programs and relationships that instigate and promote change.
  •  We coach and encourage those who lead the process of change with the appropriate attitudes and tools
  • We promote and celebrate real change and growth whenever and wherever we encounter it.

Founded in 2005 Life Change has invested in both people and communities. We are thrilled to see what some of ‘our’ people have set out to accomplish in Canada and various spots around the world.

We invite you to journey with us. Life Change Adventures provides a comprehensive experience as we pass along the fundamentals of promoting change and transformation. Based on an experiential learning model we stress ‘doing’, reflection and mentoring. The change we seek must be acquired in the greatest classroom: the classroom of life.

The results of our efforts while never as dramatic as we might hope are increasingly evident as increasing numbers of people realize both their potential for change and unique contribution.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Change begins right where each of us live. For LCA that is Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We invest in local neighbourhoods and with people of various communities. We have been at it long enough to see the ripple effect as those who work with us discover their change potential. Many now influence and lead change in cities across the country and others far beyond in places like Zambia, Ecuador and Ghana…with each life; another tiny corner of our world is touched for good.


“If you have a dream that might make the world a better place for someone else then come and talk to us. Together we can see what we are capable of.


Openness & Accessibility

We welcome and invite all to join us in the movement of building a brighter and more hopeful world by emphasizing inclusive language and programs.

Compassion, Hope & Trust

We seek to restore and build confidence in the human experience where a future is anticipated with hope and the present lived in confidence.

Individual Worth & Value

Each person possess infinite value and worth. Everyone is endowed with purpose, a life mission and an important contribution.

Sustained & Productive Change

The change we seek promotes justice, compassion and beauty for all. Each generation will continue to invest their life into the next.

Collaboration & Partnership

Looking first within our communities, we value existing and new partners and seek continual ways to leverage our resources to support change.

Life Change Adventures is a project of  the Navigators of Canada