The Silent Leader


 “Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example”

Brenda is a young lady with a contagious smile, taciturn personality and such a demeanor that
gives a new definition to the term ‘humble’. This was Brenda’s 2nd year being involved with
Africa Camp. From an outsider’s vantage point, if you came to visit, you would not notice her;
not because her height mirrors that of the kids but primarily because she does not say much. This
is a rather debatable topic for leadership pundits. Does one need to be eloquent or immensely
articulate to be a good leader? Or is it possible to be verbally reserved but actionably loud?
An image I remember of Brenda is entering the arts and craft room and seeing most of the
leaders sitting on the couch chatting amongst themselves but not Brenda. She was at the table
with the kids, sitting right in the middle, doing exactly what they were doing. The best part in my
estimation, was the glee demonstrated by her phenotypic expression. She genuinely enjoyed
playing with the kids and in a conversation I had with her, she declared that its more effective to

lead by example and that’s her style. She grew to be that parent among her group of campers and
quickly grew a fan base among others. In an intense game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissor: Leader vs
Leader’, little ol’ Brenda unexpectedly took home the trophy; and from the beginning to the end,
the campers cheered only for her with high pitched screams and shouts of “Brenda! Brenda!!

Although Brenda’s leadership style is societally uncommon, it has significant value in inspiring
others to action, decision and cohesion.


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