My Friend Scilla


Where does change start… significant, sustained, long lasting change… how does it happen?

While a disaster or crisis might act as catalysts they are not what make change happen. Change is always introduced and sustained by people… it begins with one and steadily grows to include increasing numbers of people… but always starts with ‘a’ person. Life Change Adventures believes this. That is why we invest in individuals. You might conclude when you look at us that we have many people involved, or it might seem like we are engaged in lots of activity, but everything we do is built around this central conviction; change is a direct result of the actions of people… not just any person, but people who possess a vision, a passion and a willingness to sacrifice. We are committed to helping develop people like this.

There is no one who better exemplifies this ambition than my friend Scilla. If you have been around any of our activities you would have undoubtedly met Scilla. You would have encountered her ever present smile and warm greeting. If you are fortunate and had a chance to watch more closely you might have witnessed her sincere love and her natural ability to put people at ease, perhaps you would have even been a beneficiary of her growing wisdom and insight.

In recent days necessity has invited Scilla to step up into some very challenging leader roles. She has demonstrated a tenacious and skillful commitment. When I watch Scilla I am reminded why Life Change exists: it is to provide people with the opportunity to discover their contribution.  People like Scilla are the ones who make a difference. She cares deeply, treats everyone with dignity, works tirelessly, promotes others ahead of herself and at her request people rally together around a common cause.

Life Change has many people who financially support our efforts, others get directly involved, some pray, many encourage through words and actions.  Please be assured that your belief in us is not in vain… we aim to see a wave of young men and women, just like Scilla.


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