Africa Camp: Your Life, Your Story

I truly do not like being sick. This week it has meant that I have had to miss out on one of the highlights of year: Africa Camp: “Your Life, Your Story”. I could not be sadder.
But … it is has also provided me with no choice but to watch from afar – and what I have seen is truly a source of deep encouragement.
Our overriding passion at Life Change Adventures is to see a wave of people catch a vision and acquire the skills necessary to contribute to the promise of change… for a life time!
Let me tell you about Gang and his commitment to the kitchen, or Daniel doing 100’s of dishes, or Scilla tenderly caring for a child one moment and demanding attention from entire camp of 90 people the next, or Meena sitting quietly encouraging a child and speaking truth, or Mana who leaves camp to work until midnight in a fast food restaurant, or Huda who goes about her day encouraging everyone… outstanding! These leaders are willing to do whatever it takes for the good of the entire group. We often say that our youth are easily left behind or ignored, they may not sparkle with the usual trappings of success… but to overlook them is a huge mistake. These youth and young adults will unquestionably be people who will change their world… our world! And we are only just at the beginning.

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