Championing Change


John Holmes, a 22 year old veteran of both the US Army and National Guard and also editor of the ‘Longest War’ story collection was caught saying, ““There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” This statement, although to a certain extent arguable, is rooted in selflessness, decorated in humility and laminated in love.

Personally, I am in awe when I encounter inspirational, real life people with a story that effortlessly knock the socks off my feet. Some of these people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting are either very well off and have chosen to share their resources while others; in the middle or arguably worse off than we are. Some are just ordinary people like you and I who do what they can, with the little that they have to help those who resource wise, are much more limited and thus restricted to a particular quality of life.

Some of these people are being called philanthropists, saints and even good Samaritans but the thing is, these labels matter not to them and neither should they matter to you. The key fixation is, they are doing good, coining a “Christ-like” character while elevating their fellow brothers and sisters.

In this series, ‘Championing Change’, I will be highlighting persons like you and I who are serving people in their own context. They epitomize dedication, signify aberration and demonstrate unbelievable selflessness.

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