Change Starts Here (and it starts now)


Tiny forgotten corners exist all the world over. Here people go about their lives figuring out all sorts of ingenuous ways to make it work; to put enough food on the table, to stay safe, to ward off threats, to care for their children.

These communities often possess values and practices that inspire us in the west but most often there is a harsh cocktail of realities that play havoc every day. People die younger, are bereft of opportunities, struggle to put adequate food on the table, encounter illnesses of various forms which takes a terrible toll and are bereft education, freedom and opportunity.

Changing my world, my tiny corner, is where it all starts. Where is your Santo Domingo?

Years ago a few of us landed on the muddy shores of Santo Domingo de Onzole; a remote and ignored village in the northern forests of Ecuador. Over those few days we encountered a world so very different than our own. As we departed most of us would have waved goodbye without any sense that we would return… rather a check on the all important bucket list. However in a strange and mysterious way the people of that community staked a claim on our affections. In the years that followed that claim grew considerably. Some of us returned to try and make our contribution. A few Canadians made a deep personal commitment and lived in the village. Many donated. The townsfolk met us, served and cared for us, leaving an indelible impression at the deepest levels. Only the most hardened can walk away after a visit unchanged.

Corners of neglect exist everywhere in our world: wherever people are alone, suffer, and feel abandoned, wherever opportunity is stunted, or people go about their existence wondering if they matter… if anything really matters! Politicians and sales people are extremely artful at preying on these deep feelings of disillusionment. It is into these places, these corners, that Life Change Adventures is compelled to go. This little video helps provide a snap shot of the world of Santo Domingo de Onzole. We hope that it inspires you to invest in change for the people in your tiny corner. Changing the world is an overwhelming task. But changing my world, my tiny corner, is where it all starts. Where is your Santo Domingo? Tell us about it.

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