When The Earth Shook


The first time that I was in Ecuador with Carlos I watched with great amusement as he taught a bunch of rural village kids the nuances of the great Canada game of “hockey! hockey! hockey!” for that is what they exclaimed each time their stick touched the bouncing ball.

Much has changed. Now my friend Carlos, 3 years removed from his journalism studies at Carleton University in Ottawa lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador and journeys alongside of many of people who live along the Onzole River in the northern province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Yes, that is center of Saturday’s earthquake.

Carlos relayed to me his story of riding in a taxi on the streets of Guayaquil when the earthquake struck. “It felt as if a bunch of hooligans were rocking our car’ he said. “But then we pulled over and I could see windows and cement falling from the buildings. Suddenly the lights went out, the entire city pitched into darkness.” He described the alarm and the masses of people cascading from the building and into the street; some injured, others frightened, and still others crying and overwhelmed.

Life Change Adventures invites people to become engaged in the process of change. Start now, start in your local context; work, school, neighbourhood. Just start!

Carlos did and now he finds himself in the very centre where the entire earth is shook. Change is inevitable. Sometimes it enters our life almost imperceptibly, other times we contribute, and then, other times it just plummets into our world without warning.

A life well lived simply must be a life that cares for others and embracing the care that will be returned; investing in change and being changed in the process.

Carlos observes; “It is absolutely amazing how disaster that literally tears the earth apart has brought people together in solidarity for one another.”