The people of Life Change: so many stars!


12196327_10206488994776829_3850142852123554984_nWe truly believe that the spark of real positive change is within each one of us. This evening Meaghan Sheppard, a beautiful young woman who we have had the great fortune of journeying with for many years, brought the audience at SVP Waterloo to tears with her passionate appeal to be understood and experienced as a real person. If you have ever heard me talk about Meaghan ‘never under estimate me ‘ Sheppard you will know that all of us involved in LCA are massive fans. All of us are convinced that this lady will make a significant contribution to her world. Meaghan simply does not see her physical challenges as a handicap, but as an inspiration. Each day Meaghan faces hurdles that most would be entirely stymied by, yet she refuses to give in… a hurdle for Meaghan is little more than another opportunity.

A link to Meaghan’s speech will be posted here when made available. Watch this space!