The Smallest Person at Camp is a Giant!

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“There is no ‘can’t’ in my vocabulary”

Let me introduce you to my friend Meaghan; “Meaghan never-underestimate-me Sheppard.” At least that’s the name I have affectionately pinned on her. It started-surprise, surprise, -when I assumed that because she hasn’t any hands, (or lower legs), that she would not be able to text. Boy! Was I wrong! Meaghan put me in my place, as within seconds she whipped off a perfect sentence. Dropping the phone into my hand she exclaimed firmly, “Never underestimate me!” A year later I did. I regretted it.

Last week Meaghan co-led our annual ‘Five Days of Fun’ camp for kids from our expanded neighbourhood. 120 kids were registered, more than 30 teens contributed to leadership. Meaghan and a few older youth lead the whole program. What an amazing crazy, full and exciting week!

Halfway through the week Meaghan addressed the entire camp… all 3 feet of her, (she had left her legs at home). The kids were captivated. Meaghan spoke with the courage and tenacity of a giant. She later sang with a powerful voice.

“Can’t is not a word in my vocabulary”, she said firmly. “I refuse to accept that I am unable to do something. It may take me longer, but I can do almost everything you can do.”

“Each of us has challenges or hurdles”, I said following. “The challenges that Meaghan must deal with are very clear. But we all have struggles and each of us can rise above them and make a difference in this world. Just like Meaghan is doing.”

We are giants not because we are excessively big or tall. We are giants’ when we choose to go beyond our assumed limitations. Giants are people who resist compromise and make change happen. Each of us can be a giant or a hero to another. Meaghan is a hero to me.