Day 11: Back-to-school prep


Our checklist for the day had three incredibly important tasks on it: 1. Continue our work on the washroom. 2. Educate the staff about our computer literacy project. 3. Get to know the kids more. Like a sprinter completing his last 20 metres of a 100m race, today we inched closer to the completion of the bathroom facility. We dug deep and kept grinding away in the sun as we polished the structure we often associate with hope. Tomorrow is the first official day of school at Smile Child Academy and the teachers arrived a day earlier to get the necessary training to be able to use the computer software. Words were not important as their expression made it pretty clear how sated and optimistic they were.

As the sun kept beating down our faces a few of the team took the students into the schools main classroom and facilitated arts and crafts with them. There was beauty in the comradeship that could be seen with the older children playing with the younger ones. Some of the younger ones spent coloring and showing off their finished products to others. Whereas the older girls broke into singing and dancing of traditional folk songs and aroused all the little ones to join them as well!