Day 9: An able and capable community


As we continue to settle into Lolito, one fact we are constantly reminded of is the deep, if often untapped, potential possessed by this area and its people.

Physically, Lolito is currently unexceptional, but that is slowly changing. We started off our day with more work on the toilets for Smile Child Academy. While the individual tasks were tiring and dirty, it was rewarding to see the structure rise out of what had previously been an empty section of land. By noon, the walls had reached their final height, and we could stand back and view this little piece of the school that we (with plenty of help) had put together. We also had a chance to see the other side of the same process when we went to visit the site that will one day become a new and expanded location for Smile Child Academy. The plot of land was impressive both in the scale of its potential to serve the children of the surrounding villages and in the scale of the work that will need to be done for it to reach that potential. For the moment, it was no more than scrubland, but when TK described Future of Africa’s plans for it, each of us could see the school-to-be, capable of providing a thousand students with a quality education. The transformation of Lolito has been and will continue to be incremental, but over time it is becoming something wholly new.

Throughout the day, we also had several opportunities to interact with the young people in and around Lolito. As with each previous day, our presence at the school drew a small crowd of kids eager to play with the newcomers to town. When asked, the kids came back with dreams that would not be unusual to hear in Canada; doctor, lawyer, and soldier were all mentioned. Later in the evening, Christian, one of the local teenagers, visited us to get a lesson with the computer software we brought with us for the school. Though his computer literacy was low, when we asked what he wanted to learn about, he immediately asked to see the article on computer software. That day currently seems far away, he one day hopes to join the IT field in his own right. This, in the end, is the dream of Future of Africa: that each of these kids, despite the circumstances that they were born into, might be able to realize dreams they share with children all around world.

We recognized the parallels between the potential of the school’s growth and the potential of the children and ended the night.