Lighthouse of Hope Camp


A gem of a camp facility on the shores of the Pacific Ocean provides a context for many children and youth to come out of the chaos, and often danger, of the city to the peace and safety of the beach. It is far easier in this context for people to discover their real value and what really matters in life.


The camp is located outside the community of Bastion Popular, on the edge of the city of Guayaquil. It lies on the Pacific coastline and is called, Faro de Esparanza” (Lighthouse of Hope). Established in 2003 to serve the youth and families of Guayaquil, this facility has become a safe and welcoming place for many, providing opportunity to reflect on and consider some of the very important and valuable lessons of life. Yearly, during the Ecuador summer season (January – March), we join the camp leadership team and help create an affordable and lively experience for hundreds of youth who otherwise would spend their summers with few if any alternative activities.


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