Hope of Bastion


Over the years this little school has become a source of life and enlightenment for an entire community and thousands of children.

Bastion Popular has been an important destination for LCA teams for many years.  This urban slum area is located in the northern tip of the port city of Guayaquil, Ecuadorand is home to a quickly growing population that exceeds 200,000 people.  Our involvement in the community has taken place among families with a particular focus on a school called “Hope of Bastion School(Grades K-6).   Started in 1997, this special place is a safe haven in what is often a sea of bewildering choices providing little reason for confidence in the future.  Life can be very hard for the poor, so in this place called “Hope” the children and their parents have an opportunity to discover something about unconditional love.  This place exists as an undeniable testimony to the faithful support and encouragement of many.

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